Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kids Were Here February 2014

   So continuing on with my blog circle this month I was a little stumped. The theme we were given is LOVE.  Well being that it is the month of Valentine's Day I guess that would make sense. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day in our home but the kids have their parties at school and they enjoy getting all that candy. So instead of talking about love in the mushy sense, I am choosing another route…

   My life is awesome. My kids are doing all their chores and they are behaving like little angels. They NEVER argue. We get our homework done on time every day and we are having no problems with eating all our healthy foods. We make it out of the house ON TIME every day for school - which by the way they just love being at! Ok…so that isn't all true but what can I say? A woman can dream can't she?
   Now for the real story… My kids remember their chores only because we have this really cool program called ChoreMonster that rewards them for their awesome doings. My kids fight with each other at least 2/3 of their day. The other 1/3 is spent sleeping- if you get my drift. We actually do get our homework done every day but no one said it had to be early right? We are at least 10 minutes late getting out the house every morning but I do always have a healthy lunch packed for them now. Whether they eat it or not is a different story… My son actually tells me that the only thing he likes about being in school is recess but that is normal ok? My daughter is young yet as she is only in kindergarten so give her time…

Well, on a happier note I do not expect to be perfect nor do I expect people to care that much about my life but I have to say that the last month has been perfect. Me being at home full time just working on the job I love - my photography business - has been the most enjoyable and stressful thing all at the same time. So, to get back to Dr. Seuss…my reality is better than my dreams and I am enjoying every minute of it.  If you would like to see more of my work please visit my website here but if you have any questions please email me here! Continue on with the circle here with Misty and see where it leads you! You won't be disappointed!

Much love…


  1. Haha oh Heather. Life wouldn't be the same without the chaos.

  2. What Pam said! That photo could have been taken at my house...such a familiar scene and a nice capture.

  3. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! You know, that song from the Lego movie? My husband and I sing that song to each other and crack up in the midst of chaos. Kids screaming, dog barking, we start singing EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!... lol