Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soul Searching

Many years ago I came across this website called ClickinMoms. It was a place where moms with cameras could go and learn from each other and share their work. I immediately wanted to become a part of this but after doing a little research on the site I wasn't actually all that impressed and thinking I was "better" then that I quickly moved on. Plus to be a member it required money that I didn't have so, again, I quickly moved on and forgot all about it.
     The other day I came across a facebook comment from a fellow photographer that I admire. I do not know her personally but she said something that hit me in the heart. She said not to look at other photographers work so as to not compare it to your own and get down on yourself. Liking someone else's work is what I do best. Admiring others and wishing that I could be "as good" as them is really easy to do. It is really depressing when you then compare their work to your own work and you don't feel the same about yours! Well I am humble about my work and for that reason I have a hard time advertising myself and getting more business prospects because I have become afraid that I just won't match up to the others that are so great around me. Many people commented on this photographer's statement. After reading those I have come to the conclusion that you just can't get down on yourself for your own work because you are always growing and learning your craft. As long as you continue to grow you should be able to make better images each time. I still do a lot of research on my craft and I continue to learn new things every day. New inspirations and new loves :)
     Well after seeing this post on facebook I took a long look at my work and what I like about it and what I don't. The conclusion I came up with is that I don't like that I haven't had photo shoots with that many people to practice! This is no excuse though because I have two beautiful children at home and lovely family members that will allow me to take pictures of them anytime- right? Yeah right... :) Now back to ClickinMoms. I stumbled across the site again and I tell you its the same idea. It has the same offerings of membership and getting to know your craft better- forums and all that. The difference now is that they have another level of membership called CMPro. CMPro is a group of "professional" photographer moms that do this for a living. Wow. Just like me! But the membership is not guaranteed. You have to apply and actually be accepted by a panel of professionals. Hmmm. A $50 nonrefundable fee to apply and $100 per year to stay in the group?? Yeah I wish...Not only that it makes you second guess each and every picture that you would use to apply. Professionals looking at MY work?? Critiquing ME?? That would be awesome but because I don't have the funds to apply just yet I guess it will have to wait. Maybe one day. But that thought just gave me a little more inspiration today to take some photos that I wouldn't may have thought about doing before. I am trying to spread my wings and try new things. Soul searching really makes you think about your goals. Who-da thunk it?


  1. I just wanted to say, I do love your blog and your photography! It is so beautiful!! You have quite a gift. And you can totally match up with everyone else. You have a unique way of looking through the lens and I think it is fabulous!!

    1. Thanks Megan. Maybe one day you will give me the honor of taking pictures of your beautiful family?

  2. As always, Heather...awesome blog, awesome photos.