Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chicken Haven

So for those of you that don't know- me and my husband Jason have a small chicken farm at our house and it is slowly growing. Our goal is to be able to sell eggs to our friends and make a little profit. We also have a goal of having very specific types of eggs. We will have about 1/3 of each breed that will give us the color eggs that we want: brown, blue and white. We can't wait until our babies are giving us eggs that we can sell. Here they are: 

This is Mama Cass. She is our oldest chicken. We used to have four but have sold some because they were not being so nice to our new babies. She is such a a sweetheart.

Next we have some of our "teenagers". He he. None of them have names because it became too difficult to remember all of them. They hang out together and rarely separate. Just like teenagers. They are "Easter eggers" which means they lay eggs that are Easter egg colors like light blue. They are Ameracauna crosses.

Next we have our rooster. He is a Golden Campine Rooster and he is very friendly. He even lets Jason pick him up. He is a good protector over all his ladies. :)

 Next we  have our "babies". We call them babies because they were our recent batch that came to us. They are "olive eggers". They are True Ameracaunas crossed with Barevelders. They lay "olive colored" eggs. They hang out in a bunch just like the teenagers. They all have their own clicks. Its so funny.

We also have a Leghorn crossed with barnevelder rooster. He is so beautiful and so nice. We have to find a home for him because we just don't need two roosters. Do you know someone who may be interested??

Then we have our other adults. They are icelandic chickens which are really rare. They are very pretty and are so cute. They run around a lot and are kinda skittish but they lay white eggs so we like them.

Last but not least we have our very newest babies. They are also Ameracauna chickens. We have had three for a couple weeks and we added two new ones just today! They are so cute when they are young...

Overall we have 19 chickens right now including our rooster we are trying to get rid of. We are looking for some more interesting breeds that will lay DARK DARK brown eggs. Can't wait! Our next venture is to hatch our own chickens and see what we get. Our rooster is doing his job and we now have an incubator with 17 eggs inside. This is our first try at hatching our own babies so we will see how they take! They will be a cross between our rooster and our icelandic chickens so they should be interesting to say the least. I will post more as we get them! Wish us luck! 

Our future plans are not set in stone as my husband keeps adding things and changing things but we think we have it covered. Eventually if I have my way we will be able to get some chickens just for meat. Jason doesn't like the idea of killing chickens so we would have to hire someone to do it. I just can't wait to have the opportunity to eat my own grown healthy chickens without added antibiotics or anything. That would be awesome. Well...hope you enjoyed the little tour of our chicken farm. This has been a fun venture and we can't wait to see where it takes us.  

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  1. Great story, Heather. Love the pictures. My favorite is of the three little babies.