Sunday, April 29, 2012

For the love of children

I have never been that good with words. English was not my favorite subject. Although I got the gist of how to write a paper I was never good at it.  Get me talking and you will hear all about my opinions and my wants in life. You will hear all about how much I love my children and my husband. You will hear me talk about my "day job" vs. my favorite job. But when it comes to writing it all down it just never sounds right.  Today I decided to have a little mini photo session with my son. I wanted to show how important he was to me and show his many personalities all wrapped up in one. This proved to be very difficult. My son was diagnosed with ADHD in December of last year and since then it has helped me and my husband not only understand him a little better but also get along with him a little better too. As much as I always knew I loved him I cannot say how much more I love him every day. He is my world. I am constantly amazed by him and what he accomplishes in spite of himself. Here is a little taste of my son and the many sides of him that I love every day. Also enjoy a little taste of my daughter as well. She could not be left out of this...She is my other world and she will have a session dedicated to her one day as well... This session is nothing like I have done before so I hope you enjoy. Please leave your comments if you like what you see...

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